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First-Made-in-Canada ATMIS C95™ masks will be ready to ship next month. Here’s how to get yours for FREE

Posted by Trevor Pare on

ATMIS (, the first in Canada to engineer and produce civilian-use respiratory masks, will begin shipping to homes and businesses across Canada as early as August 2020. To celebrate this milestone event in Canadian history and help combat the spread of coronavirus, ATMIS plans to give away the first 20,000 masks produced in their Windsor, Ontario facility for free.

What is the ATMIS C95 Respiratory Mask?

The ATMIS C95 respiratory mask is the world's first publicly available personal protective mask designed exclusively for civilian (non-medical) use. Like N95 Class respiratory masks, ATMIS C95 masks are engineered to filter out 95% of liquid particulates to provide optimal protection for the wearer and those around them. However, unlike N95 masks which are designed for medical use, ATMIS C95™ masks are made using propriety materials available in Canada as opposed to melt-blown polypropylene, of which there is currently a worldwide supply shortage. As a result, we’re able to produce high volumes of particulate-filtering respiratory masks for civilian use without any effects on the limited supply of N95 masks that are critical to our medical communities.

Click here To claim your free two-pack of ATMIS C95™ masks

All orders ship direct from our own factory in Windsor, Ontario to your home or business.

Learn more about Our Story and Made in Canada ATMIS C95™ production here.

In addition to the free two-pack of Made in Canada C95 respiratory masks, Canadian citizens can pre-order 12, 24, and 48 piece family packs.

Registration for The ATMIS Club is also available. ATMIS Club members can secure their regular mask supply by signing up for a monthly subscription. We’re expecting high order volumes, and product availability will be limited. All ATMIS Club member orders will be processed before individual orders to guarantee deliverability.  

We also offer affordable options for small- to medium-sized businesses through – See The ATMIS C95™.

Business owners can purchase Made in Canada ATMIS C95™ masks in quantities up to 2000 pieces at a time. Businesses can also register for an ATMIS CLUB monthly subscriptions to secure inventory and guarantee monthly regular delivery.

For bulk orders above 2000 pieces, you can contact a commercial account manager here to get pricing and availability.

The ATMIS C95™ masks are currently in production and are scheduled to ship in August of 2020. Production quantities will be limited and we will begin taking pre-orders on June 12th, 2020.

Claim your FREE TWO-PACK of ATMIS C95™ masks today while supplies last.