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Independent and sustainable Canadian manufacturing

ATMIS is the flagship brand and Canadian distribution arm of Harbour Technologies, a third-generation manufacturing company based in Windsor, Ontario with decades of experience in the medical, nuclear, and aerospace industries.

Owned and operated by Andrew and David Glover, Harbour Technologies’ entrance into the personal protective equipment market was in part in response to global shortages of personal protective equipment, which has left many Canadians unable to purchase much needed equipment, including facemasks.

However, the primary driving force behind this initiative is reducing dependency on vital protective equipment made in China. Canadian consumers, medical organizations, and the Canadian government have all experienced firsthand the issues with reliably sourcing personal protective equipment. As a result, a movement towards Canadian-made PPE is necessary.

With several decades of experience in building automated machinery and managing vertically integrated supply chains, the Harbour Technologies team has been able to rapidly design, engineer, produce, and ship high-quality personal protective equipment from their Windsor, Ontario-based production facility to homes and businesses all across Canada.

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“The goal is to build a new industry here.”

– Andrew Glover

From their 20,000-square-foot facility in southwestern Ontario, Harbour Technologies is custom-building and operating a series of machines for the automated production of the ATMIS C95™, N95 masks, isolation surgical gowns, and other kinds of personal protective equipment.

The ATMIS C95™ is the first publicly available product produced by Harbour Technologies. This particular mask was designed, engineered, and produced exclusively for civilian use.

The ATMIS C95™ and our other personal protective equipment can be purchased directly online for personal and small business use in quantities ranging from 12 to 2000.

For high-volume commercial, industrial, or wholesale orders you can contact a Harbour Textiles account executive here to receive a quote and product availability.