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The ATMIS Story

A Better PPE Company. Made in Canada.

The world has changed, and the need for effective personal protective equipment (PPE) has never been greater. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic exposed numerous vulnerabilities in global supply chains that left many individuals and even large portions of the population unable to obtain this vital equipment.

Also, the kinds of PPE available in the market have proven unable to adequately serve the diverse and changing needs of the people of North America. For this reason, what both individuals and the medical community need the most in these trying times is fast access to innovative and effective protective products designed to combat the pandemic by adapting to changes our society’s needs.

Our mission at ATMIS is to supply local and global markets with high-quality PPE designed and engineered to achieve this goal. Our products are made in Canada, which enables us to control the supply chain and guarantee adequate supplies.

The ATMIS Advantage


All ATMIS products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in our 20,000-square-foot production facility in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and shipped directly to homes and businesses across North America and in other select locations globally.

With in-house design, engineering, manufacturing, automation, production, and fulfillment, ATMIS is one of the world’s first completely vertically integrated direct-to-consumer PPE suppliers. ATMIS has full control over the development, supply, and distribution of its products and is not subject to external factors that have proven to be an issue for other vendors that depend on globalized supply chains. At ATMIS, we take the concept of fully integrated production one step further with in-house manufacturing of automated production machines and in-house tooling.

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The ATMIS Story

ATMIS Protective Equipment, Inc. was founded in March 2020 in response to the rapid onset of the global pandemic. At that time, the need for high quality PPE like surgical masks, N95 masks, and face shields was at unprecedented levels, yet a supply for the general public was almost nonexistent.

ATMIS is the flagship brand and Canadian distribution arm of Harbour Technologies, a third-generation manufacturing company based in Windsor, Ontario, with decades of experience in the medical, nuclear, and aerospace industries.

Owned and operated by Andrew and David Glover, Harbour Technologies’ entrance into the personal protective equipment market was in part in response to global shortages, which has left many Canadians unable to purchase much-needed equipment, including face masks. However, the primary driving force behind this initiative is a desire to reduce dependency on vital protective equipment made in China.

The challenge was that the limited supply of PPE that was available was needed for the exclusive use of medical communities, which left individual citizens unable to purchase it. But in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, it was imperative that people outside the medical community also have access to quality PPE, especially when they would finally begin to resume normal daily life.

So a team of industry professionals with decades of experience in rapid prototyping, manufacturing, automation, and ecommerce set out to create a vertically integrated direct-to-consumer PPE company to offer a fast, flexible, and responsive source for quality PPE for not only the medical community, but for anyone.

With many companies and entrepreneurs all over the globe trying to get into the PPE supply industry, many have faced challenges with sourcing and importing product. The founding members of ATMIS are uniquely positioned to offer an approach to supplying PPE that will drastically reduce wait times and eliminate shortages at a time when people need high volumes of PPE quickly.

The Making of an ATMIS C95 Automated Production Machine